The agency

D3 Solutions was founded in early 2017.

We like to create unique projects, offer solutions and proposals to every individual or business and see our clients satisfied by the result of our work.


Talent, knowledge and many years of individual experience of the agency members are key elements that comprise our solutions.

We would like to approach each project with realism, honesty and respect towards our clients.

Our team


Founder, Web Designer

George has been in the field of IT for more than 20 years. Perfection is his passion. He has his own way of making things happen.


Social Media Expert

Marigo is the social one of the agency. When it comes to social media marketing, she is the best.



John is our genius. Every problem has a solution and John makes all solutions look easy.

Our philosophy


We pay attention to detail and to those little things that make a difference, because quality does matter.


Prompt and meaningful after-sales support is one of our top priorities for our clients.


We approach each project as if it was our own, so we use our skills to make it great.

Fresh Ideas

We try to think out of the box so as to provide solutions and unique features for our projects.

Do you have any questions? We will be happy to answer them!